Attention Candle Makers!

Level up your candle making game and unleash your inner artist with our new adjustable wick holder, the magical key to crafting professional-quality candles effortlessly!



White Iridescent Candle Vessel

You can't go wrong with this classic elegance! Whether you sell your candles or gift them to friends and family, this white jar will draw a smile on everyone's face.



Blush Iridescent Candle Vessel

Pair it with soft floral scents or warm and soothing aromas to create an irresistible one-of-a-kind candle.



Aqua Iridescent Candle Vessel

Eye-catching! The color of this jar is simply stunning. Think fresh notes of the outdoors, or a Caribbean vacation in the middle of winter.

4 oz amber PET jar with PE lined cap

New! 4 oz Amber Jar

Introducing our new 4 oz amber PET jar, the ultimate choice for your scrubs, lotions, body butters, and more. Its sleek design and practicality make it a must-have.

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